About Four on the Floor Pet Sitting


Let me begin by introducing myself.  My name is Pam Cryderman and I *am* Four on the Floor Pet Sitting Service!  What that means to you, as a pet owner, is that whenever you use my services, your pet will not be upset by a different person coming in your home each time you are gone.   Your pet and I will form a bond and most of the stress your pet may feel from your absence will be eliminated.   We will all benefit from it; you will have a more relaxing trip. your pet will be more relaxed and I will gain a new furry friend.

I decided to start my own pet care business in July of 2004 after having worked as a Kennel Aid Manager in a local boarding facility for over a decade.  Besides the fact that I never seemed to have enough time to spend quality one on one time with each of the pets, I ultimately decided that there had to be a better way for pet owners to receive care for their fur family members when they needed to be away  from home.

Changes in routine can cause anyone to be stressed and our pets are no exception.  It is hard enough for them to be without your companionship but when you add a change of environment as well as a change in their every day routine, you have all of the components for a very stressed out pet.

There are also many benefits for you in choosing to use a Pet Sitter.  Convenience is one of them.  It's enough work just to pack for your trip for yourself and your family, as well as all of the other planning that goes into a vacation or any kind of a trip.  With a Pet Sitter, there is no packing for your pet, no transporting them and you don't have to plan your schedule around a boarding facilities hours of operation.  When you return home, your pet is already there and doesn't have to readjust back to his/her normal routine.  I am certain that you will return to a much happier and more relaxed pet.

My Qualifications:

 Having spent the past 11 years working with dogs and cats on a daily basis, I have absorbed a great deal of knowledge regarding their various personalities and temperaments.  I feel comfortable around most canines and felines and I believe that they instinctively know this.    I have also observed and participated in many medical issues and emergencies and am therefore able to recognize the signs of various illnesses, as well as being able to determine  when they are serious enough to warrant a trip to the Veterinarian.  I am also a pet owner (of course!).  I recently became the mom of a "Puggat" puppy (Rat Terrier/Pug) named Chyna and I have an American Crested Guinea Pig named Asia.  I've had pets all of my life.  Besides my Boarding Kennel experience, I have also been employed at a Doggy Daycare facility so I am familiar with canine behavior in a pack situation as well.  I am Certified in Pet CPR,  I am fully Bonded/Insured and I am a member of Pet Sitters International.